About Ai no Kesshin

       Ai no Kesshin was founded in July of 1991 to meet the needs of children who are born in Japan and are without families.
We are founded on the belief that a child should never be a commodity. Evetyone who works for never be a commodity. Evetyone who works for ANK is a vorlunteer; no one receives a salary. All financial resources generated go directly to birth expenses, foster care, placement of special needs children, pregnancy counseling, counselor training and public relations. ANK was estableshed for the purpose of enriching the future of children by introducing orphans or possible orphans to families who want to adopt. ANK is trying to provide opportunities for children to be adopted.
We are networking with professionals throughout Japan to make the option of adoption available to every child who might otherwise be aborted, abandoned or placed in an orphanage.

Activities of Ai no Kesshin

Confidential Free Counseling Service

There is a 24-hour free dial counseling service that married and unmarried women who have problem, trained crisis pregnancy may call. Also, available to provide face-to-face counseling for these women.

Intoduction of Adoptive Children

♥ ANK carefully screens families who want to adopt.
♥ Counselors help families understand adoption prcedures at the Family Court.

Special Help for Unwed Mothers

♥ Home-stays and accommodations are available for women who for some reason cannot live at their current address.

♥ ANK makes medical and legal referrals for women who need them.
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