How Can You Support Ai no Kesshin?

Ai no Kesshin is looking for Christians and Churches who will pray and help the smallest person (the unborn child). If you would like to support this work please contact us.

♥Monthly financial support for ANK and for running the help line

♥Volunteers who will visit local churches and hospitals

♥Special contributions to provide funds to send newsletters to doctors and midwives nationwide.

♥Volunteers who will attend counselor-traning seminars and answer the help line at home about once a month (especially Japanese, Thai, Tagoulog and Spanish speakers).

♥Volunteers to put up posters and churches that will print the free dial number on tracts, etc.

・Inochi no Kizuna, a similar organization, merged with ANK in 1993.

・Ai no Kesshin also has a contract with Pro Life and, when the need arises, we work together.

ANK Placement Priorities for Adoptive Families

1. Japanese Christian families (who understand adoption, and the needs of the adopted child).

2. Non-Japanese Christian families commited long term to Japan. These are families who will raise their children in Japan giving them as an investment to the next generation of Japan.

3. Christian families seeking to immigrate a child for adoption to their prospective home nations. Christian families in Japan on short-term assignments will be considered for a child whose needs are best served through immigration.
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