Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who refers people to Ai no Kesshin ( ANK )?

A. Doctors, Lawyers, Pastors, Nurses, Schools and Friends.

Q. What kind of support does ANK offer?

A. Trained female staff in various areas of Japan counsel and advise clients to help them make decisions. They consider the needs of each women, and the available options.
Those options are explained and the woman is supported so that she can make her own decisions about herself and her child. It is important for the birth mother to make her own decisions.

Q. If we consult with ANK, are we always encouraged to place for adoption?

A. Adoption is only one option. Some women who have been conseled have decided to raise their children them-selves.

Q. After deciding go place the child for adoption, within how many days after delivery does the birth mother release the child to the adoptive family?

A. ANK believes that bounding of parent and child begins early. We must consider the childs health, family reactions and the circumstances of each situation. If the baby has no problems, usually he/she is released to the adoptive family within 1 to 2 weeds.

Q. What kinds of children have been placed for adoption?

A. Healthy Japanese children whose parents were unable to raise them, children who are other nationalities and children who are handicapped. Children like these are being placed for adoption throuth ANK and are members of new families. Handicapped children include those with Down's syndrome, cleft palate, heart problems, and genetic defects and those who are developmentally and physically delayed.

Q. How do we help the adoptive families and birth families with adoption placement?

A. ANK counselors suppot the adoptive families and birth families in adoption placement. Sometimes counselors ask for legal assistance from lawyers who work with
ANK and will help families accoding to their needs.

Q. What are the qualifications of adoptive families?

A. We look for quality families who can provide a good future for the children. ANK conducts a home study with each prospective family to look for those qualificasions:

1. The husvand and wife have similar opinions and understand the needs of children.

2. They have no prejudices about adoption and can love an adopted child as their own child.

3. Their relatives understand and agree for them to adopt children.

4. They have a good living situation, are in good health, and are financially, mentally, emotionally and socially stable.

We recognize that there are many wonderful families who do not qualify. Our priority is to place the child in the best situation possible.

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